Divorce Recovery.  Are you struggling to cope with YOUR relationship breakdown???

Divorce recovery is about learning to cope with your divorce or relationship breakdown, to heal and then move on to a new life as a healthier and happier person. The ‘Recovery’ 3 DVD Set is your unique guide to offer you comfort , support, wisdom and the tools to heal and revitalise your life, following your relationship breakdown, separation or divorce .

Gillian Firth ,founder of the Divorce Recovery Centre in Sydney , Australia produced the 3 gillianDVD Set called  ‘Recovery’ to provide YOU with a very nurturing , uniquely interactive, and touching resource to allow you to successfully rebuild your life following YOUR separation or divorce. Your Divorce Support Group on DVD.

If you are feeling the pain of a relationship ending or grief, loneliness , anger or guilt following your Separation or Divorce, the ‘Recovery’ DVD set  will give YOU the skills to heal and create a new, revitalized life. A truely unique divorce recovery tool.




The ‘Recovery’ 3 DVD Set

You can purchase this helpful DVD set for US$49.95 with Fast Shipping Worldwide 


This Unique  DVD Set Is Available To You For Less  Than The Cost Of A Single Counselling Session .  Participate NOW In This Healing DVD Series .


Comments from Viewers Of The DVD Set:

“I cried with joy when i watched the DVD’s- i now know what i am feeling is normal and feel positive about my future”

“The DVD’s changed and probably saved my life!’

“I don’t feel so alone after seeing other people talk on the DVD’s”

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How this DVD Set Will Help You:

“The RECOVERY DVD SET will give you the skills to change your life. You will share very intimate interviews with people who have learnt to turn their emotional turmoil into a positive, growing experience”.

Gillian explains why her unique DVD set will help you:

  • Since 1996 I have been running my ‘Divorce Recovery  Workshops’ and ‘Divorce Support Groups‘ for people experiencing the trauma of a breakdown of their relationship. The workshops use powerful techniques ,exercises and strategies to enable participants to accept the end of their relationship, learn instruction in “survival” techniques and finally learn the skills to move onto a new and fulfilled life. The courses have proved to be a huge succeess : participants report the course provided the healing, skills and a pathway to a healthier and happier new life. This unique DVD Set gathers together all of the elements of my healing divorce support groups and recovery workshop for you to experience in your own home and experience the same positive outcomes in your life.
  • You WILL relate to , learn and grow from the individuals appearing in the DVD Set who, like you, have been through a marriage breakdown, separation or divorce and have kindly shared their vulnerabilities and experiences that you are probably feeling now.
  • The DVD set is now available to you for less than the cost of a single counseling session

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