“RECOVERY” 3 DVD SET – The DVD Set You Need When Your Relationship Ends. The ‘Recovery’ 3 DVD Set is A Healing, Revitalising Divorce Recovery Program And Divorce Support Program you can watch and work through In Your Own Home.

“RECOVERY” 3 DVD SET – Fast Shipping available worldwide . US$49.95      

About the ‘Recovery DVD Set:

Specific Advice, Detailed strategies, Tools and Exercises for YOU to use to Recover and Rebuild your life. A complete Divorce Recovery Program on DVD

This DVD set is an engrossing and insightful Divorce Recovery Program allowing you to see , hear and share what others feel and experience on their relationship breakdown and recovery journey. You WILL relate to them!

You will view first hand accounts of how real people like YOU are working through and resolving their emotional journey following their relationship separation or divorce. What worked for them and why?

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The 3 DVD Set Includes:

DVD 1- ”First Aid” . Gillian discusses and offers advice and insights into: Understanding and recognising the separation process and strong feelings you are most likely feeling, like anger, fear, rejection, loneliness and guilt. Helpful ways to overcome the initial trauma of separation. View interviews with people dealing with these issues and benefit from their insights and experiences. Powerful tools and strategies to assist and reassure you in the initial weeks and months after separating. Nurturing techniques to support yourself.

DVD 2- “Repairs” . Here, we offer an in depth discussion of the emotions you may experience during separation and divorce and, importantly how to accept and overcome these feelings successfully and constructively. Dealing creatively with potentially ‘destructive” emotions, particularly anger and blame . View moving and inspiring interviews with people like yourself and share how they overcame their struggles at this stage of their ‘recovery’ . Recognising and dealing with ‘Denial’ of the end of your relationship. Working with issues around grief. Advice on ‘decision making’ and ‘bargaining’ with your ‘ex’ during this particularly vulnerable time. Strategies and exercises to help ‘Let Go’ of the relationship, the most difficult process for many people. There are many pauses and suggested breaks during the DVD, designed to allow you to journal, contemplate and really process your issues and feelings. Working through fear and loneliness. View candid interviews on how people experienced loneliness post separation . How to ‘re frame’ loneliness and turn it into a ‘positive’. We examine why we chose the partner we did and gain an understanding as to why . Did these reasons contribute to the ‘failure’ of the relationship. Strategies around communicating (or not) with your ‘ex’ at this stage. How to seek out trusted friends to ‘listen’ , really listen to you , a useful life time ‘therapy’. Acceptance- discussion of how long it takes to accept the end of your relationship and the tools to facilitate this that will create a whole, happier, independent ‘you’.

We also addresses children and offer strategies to support and gain support for your children’s needs during this difficult time, as children will often experience a similar range of emotions and turmoil that we do during a relationship breakdown. How to minimise the effects of divorce on children.

DVD 3- “New Model“. We look at helpful ways for you to live your new life to the full. See inspiring interviews with people who not only “recovered” from their marriage breakdown, but now live a fulfilled life. We offer you an understanding of the influences of ‘family of origin’ , which may give you insights into your choice of partner. We discuss new important skills such as assertiveness and improved communication , look at your ‘relationship style’- how you ‘operate’ in relationships and why. This is invaluable knowledge as it will lessen the risk of repeating the separation experience. View inspiring interviews with people who have learned the skills and gained the self awareness presented in the ‘Recovery’ DVD Set and have moved onto a new, happier, revitalised life!

Included in the DVD Program are :

-Relaxation exercises and strategies

-How to journal and track your emotional journey

-Exercises to understand your life journey. Why you chose the partner you did?

-New models of “being”, communicating and asserting yourself

-Exploring future friendships and relationships

-Childrens emotions and blended families. Supporting your child during this time


-Celebrating increased knowledge, support networks and friendships

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