Testimonials and Insights by Professionals and Customers:

Quote from Australian Social Work Journal Vol.55 No.4 Page 314

“I have no hesitation in recommending the DVD’s and if i were practicing in Sydney i would be delighted to refer clients to the Divorce Recovery Centre and Gillian Firth”

“The DVD’s changed and probably saved my life!’

“I don’t feel so alone after seeing other people talk on the DVD’s”

“I cried with joy when i watched the DVD’s- i now know what i am feeling is normal and feel positive about my future”

“I now know it is normal to feel angry after seeing the RECOVERY series. I know how to handle anger and reduce my stress. I feel can look forward to a happier life despite my divorce”

“The DVD’s prevented me from starting a potentially disastrous rebound relationship”

“After hearing other divorced people on these wonderfully reassuring DVD’s, i ¬†feel calmer”

“I learned how to help myself and now i can help my children”

“I understand my emotions now and can be more positive after my breakup”

“Moving on after a break up was so much harder than i thought. I am so appreciative of your DVD’s-thank you Gillian , i can’t tell you how much they helped heal my heart”

“I just could not work out how to feel better after my divorce or how to get over my break up. ¬†Gillian, i would like to thank you as i now know how to move on in my life post divorce.

‘I couldn’t find a divorce recovery program in my area. I was so happy to get your DVD Set . Thank-you!”